An all-in-one solution for image accessibility in Ebooks.

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Our Story

The Free Ebook Foundation envisions a world where Ebooks will be funded, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all, by coordinating the efforts and resources of many.

Many projects, such as the Gutenberg Project and, have made great progress in distributing Ebooks. However, many of these Ebooks lack alternative text (alt-text) for their images, making them inaccessible to those using screenreaders.

There are about 470,000 images without alt-text in the Gutenberg Project's collection alone.

The Solution

Alt-Gen is a software designed to scan through Ebooks and generate captions for images lacking quality alt-text.

We utilize various modern technologies to accomplish this, such as Image Caption AIs, Optical Character Recognition, and Large Language Models.

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Ways to use Alt-Gen

Being open source, there are multiple methods to use Alt-Gen.

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The PyPi Package

The inner workings of Alt-Gen are available via PyPi and Github.

This allows for full customizability and integration into one's own projects.

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Hosting the API

The code for the logic server and API is available on Github.

This allows for anyone to self host their own service to interact with and integrate with their own projects.

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The Official Service

You can also use this website!

Simply create an account and upload your Ebook. We also provide an easy to use dashboard to quickly proofread all the alt-text in the Ebook.

The code for this website is also available on Github.

The Developers

Alt-Gen is developed by a group of students from Stevens Institute of Technology for their senior design project.

The project is managed by Eric Hellman from the Free Ebook Foundation.

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